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Koktobe City Residential Complex is the city of happy moments

Koktobe City - is a place where you can find more time for yourself and for your family. We build low-rise comfortable houses and place the necessary infrastructure within walking distance. The project is based on 2 main ideas:

  1. The historical line of development of Almaty is low-rise buildings designed for a small number of families, where everyone knows each other.
  2. Modern German architecture - thoughtful and comfortable low-rise buildings, underground parking, courtyards without cars and small playgrounds, rhythmic facades without pretentious elements. Here you can find the best from new districts of Munich, Berlin and Düsseldorf.


Transport accessibility

Traffic jams in Almaty are formed in two directions: from west to east in the morning and from east to west in the evening. Koktobe City is located in the eastern part of the city, so residents save their time by moving every time in opposite directions to traffic jams.


The airflow from the Maloalmatinsky Gorge increased after the construction of the Eastern bypass road. Fresh mountain air goes down from Medeo in the morning, and the flow blows in the opposite direction in the afternoon. Koktobe City is located between the Koktobe hill in the east and the Gorky Park after in the west. These large green spaces make the ecology of the place: the air quality is better here than in areas along Al-Farabi according to PM2.5 sensors. In addition, there are no industrial facilities, and the surrounding houses are low-rise and gasified.

City center proximity

Our residents get from the intersection of Tole Bi Street and Eastern bypass road to the Tole Bi - Dostyk intersection in 5 minutes, to the Nurly-Tau business center in 5 minutes, to the Dostyk Plaza shopping center in 5 minutes, to the Esentai Mall in 10 minutes, to the Mega Alma-Ata and to the airport in 20 minutes

Views to the peaks of the Zailiyskiy Alatau

Residents of Koktobe City enjoy views of the Koktobe TV tower and panoramas of the Zailiyskiy Alatau peaks every day.

Seismic stability

We all know well how often earthquakes occur in our region. Therefore, 5 stories are the maximum height of buildings in the 4th stage in Koktobe City. And, all the houses in the 3rd stage are 4 stories high This makes a more quiet life for us.

The construction of the buildings is the same as that of skyscrapers: a monolithic reinforced concrete system of load-bearing cross walls. This ensures the greatest rigidity of buildings. The foundation of 80-100 piles goes 30 meters deep and reaches solid soil layers, which makes the houses as reliable and stable as possible.

About Kusto Home

Kusto Home is the development direction of the Kusto Group, which has implemented the projects of the Alpine Town Residential Complex in Kyiv, Ukraine, and the Diamond Island Residential Complex in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

At the moment, Kusto Home develops the 3rd and 4th stages of Koktobe City in Almaty, several projects in Vietnam, and other projects in Almaty are under development.

In addition to development, Kusto Group develops projects in agribusiness, light industry, building materials and paints, energy, oil and gas sector, retail sale of petroleum products, education and other areas. The geography of presence includes 10 countries.

The Kusto Group owns the following brands: KazBeef, KazPetrol, Compass, Tambour, and iCare (Vietnam). The total number of employees at the Group's world projects exceeds 8,000 people.

More information about the activities of the group of companies is available on the website

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