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Koktobe city is home, family and nice neighbors.
It is close to all major interchange, close to the center. We don't feel the endless traffic jams. We have a very comfortable location.
What was crucial for you in purchasing an apartment in our residential complex? - The crucial factor was the presence of a terrace. My husband is a professional chef. We often get together with family, friends - cooking steaks. During the quarantine period, we especially felt how important it is to have your own corner of nature, where you can organize a picnic, celebrate a birthday, read a book, and plant your own mini garden.

​​Ирина Бунакова 15 Июнь 2021

During quarantine while our friends residing in other residential complexes were struggling inside, we spent our summer on the terrace. We also noticed that even on the hottest day there is a fresh breeze, which makes you feel as if you are in the countryside.

Irina Pak 03 Июнь 2021

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