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Environment improvement

There is no place for cars inside the courtyards of Koktobe City as sports grounds and recreation areas for adults and children are situated there. All terraces of the first floors go exactly here, where it is cozy and calm. Trees that provide shade and coolness rise above houses, just like in childhood. Huge and sprawling trees will help your kids to feel like they are part of a green planet.

Cars are parked in underground parking lots. Parking lots are also provided for guests of Koktobe City they located in specially designated areas.


At Koktobe City, we are passionate about safety. The territory, guarded 24/7 by video surveillance, can only be accessed with a resident card. At the barriers, the cameras read the number of the car. Cameras in the courtyards can recognize faces, and video intercoms allow you to see the faces of guests. Yards without cars allow you not to worry about the safety of children.


Koktobe City has everything for a healthy lifestyle - the Budokan Sports and Arts Center, and for outdoor sports there are jogging and bike paths around the entire complex. There are also places for outdoor areas and a private exit to the Gorky Park.

Underground parking

Thanks to the underground parking, you do not need to carry heavy bags far and you can bring the stroller as close to the elevator as possible. This also means fewer cars in the yard and more walking space.

Private terrace

In your free time, you can have a barbecue, do yoga outdoors, spend time with your family, or simply retire with a book. All this thanks to a private terrace on the 1st floor in the impassable part of the courtyard. We also provided terraces on the roof, where light and water were supplied.

Fruit trees

Koktobe City is located next to the Kompot district, which received this informal name due to the “fruity” names of its streets. We continue good traditions and our streets are also named after certain fruits: here you can walk along the Apple Street and turn onto the Pear street.

Children playgrounds

Children's playgrounds in Koktobe City are designed for children of different ages, as well as all of them are made from environmentally friendly materials. The playgrounds are designed under the principle of inclusiveness, so children with both basic and special needs can play there.

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